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Dolomiti Superbike – the regulations

The golden rules and entry terms and conditions

Before you sweat the small stuff and tear out your hair about what and how everything runs at Dolomiti Superbike, simply take a look at the regulations. You can find everything that you need to know before, during and after the bike race here. 


1. Date

Saturday, 13th July 2024

2. Starting Time

Niederdorf/Villabassa-Südtirol-Italy, Main Square at 07:15 am

3. Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike

The Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike reached at his 29th edition and is a marathon mountain bike race for professional and amateur riders. Participants must use a mountain bike and the wearing of a helmet is compulsory. For especially categories are also allowed using gravel- and e-bikes.

4. Road traffic regulations

The races take place over a combination of private and public land. It is the duty of all participants to adhere to the rules of the Italian civil code regarding road use so as to ensure the safety of all participants and road users. Failure to do so may result in the participant being disqualified.

5. Eligibility

Open to all male and female bikers aged 18 (eighteen). For the classic distance you must be aged 16 (sixteen). The event is of an invitation nature and the Organisation Committee has the non-appealable right to decide whether to accept or not an application to participate. All participants must have a medical certificate, which has to be valid on the day of the race. You can download a sample of the certificate via the following link:
 Please send the medical certificate within 30.06.2024 to the following e-mail address:

If an application is considered to be in any way a damage for the event itself or to the event’s image it will not be approved. An application by a person who has been disqualified from competition for doping will not be taken into consideration. Bikers who have not been regularly registered for the event cannot join the starter groups and if they attempt to do so they will be removed, and in the case of any resulting accidents, prior to or during the race itself, they will be reported to the police. PARTICIPATION IS AT EVERY ATHLETE’S OWN RISK 

6. Registration

Registration and payment can be carried out only on our homepage  from 01.12.2023 at 00:00 am. The payment fees which vary depending on the chosen payment method are shown in the payment procedure and are at the expense of the participant. Each participant registered individually will receive by June 30th 2024 by e-mail the voucher with the assigned number that is necessary together with an original valid ID (identity card, passport or driving license) to collect the material for the race is in the two days before the event. A pickup from third parties is not accepted.

7. Entry fees

from 01/12/2023 till 31/12/2023:                90,00.- Euro

from 01/01/2024 till 31/05/2024:                100,00.- Euro

from 01/06/2024 till 30/06/2024:              110,00.- Euro

from 01/07/2024 till race day:              120,00.- Euro

entry fee for tandems, she and he:          140,00.- Euro per pair

Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike Junior:           20,00.- Euro


8. Payment

Payment can be carried out by credit card on our homepage via DATASPORT (as of 01.12.2023).

The registration fee includes a personal race number, medical and mechanical assistance during the race (spare parts not included), refreshment during the race and on arrival, race pack with the event goodies, finisher medal, information and race classifications via SMS/email, printable certificate via Internet and a voucher for the pasta party. Classifications will be published on and from there it will also be possible to print a personal race participation certificate.

9. Cancellations

Till 30 June 2024 we offer serveral   options:

-    riders can be changed – payment fee 15,00.- Euro;

-    postpone the registration for 2025 - payment fee 15,00.- Euro.

-    Payment must be held by our bank account – Cassa Rurale Villabassa  IBAN IT 29 M 08302 59100 000300029505

-    The payment must be send by mail, also the complete name and address for the old and new rider by the 30.06.2024, 00:00 am. 


For this reason, we recommend persons to take out an insurance with Datasport at the time of registration. The insurance will refund the amount of registration only if a valid medical certificate that confirms the illness or accident is submitted. 

For information and submission of the documents please contact:

There is no provision to send race packs direct to home addresses.

The Organising Committee reserves the right to make changes to the regulations, to the course and race conditions itself. The event will take place irrespective of weather conditions provided that there 

is no risk to the health or safety of the participants. The Organising Committee retains the right to interrupt or cancel the race.

Should the race be cancelled for circumstances beyond the control of the Organisers or for Acts of God, the entry fee will not be refunded nor used for the following year’s fee. All details with regard to such circumstances will be published on the internet or in loco during the race itself.

10. Modifications

The Organizers reserve the right to modify conditions of participation, the distances and their profiles as well as the invitation and regulation to the competition. 

Due to very bad weather conditions the Organisations comitee are allowed to change the course. All changes must be communicated tot he rides by Friday, 12 July 2024 13:00 pm. 

11. Jury & protests

The Jury will be composed of a member of the organizing committee, a judge of the FCI and a member of the time-keeping company. Protests must be submitted to the Jury within and no later than 15 minutes after the race in written form with a deposit of € 50.00 which will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

12. Start order, start blocks and starting times

Starting order and start numbers will be determined according to the following criteria:

a)    the results of the last three editions of the Dolomiti Superbike (2023, 2022 and 2021):

b)    top 100 on the long distance (elite and U23 will not be taken into consideration)

c)    top 100 on the short distance

d)    the individual results of the athlete in the last five editions of the Dolomiti Superbike (2018, 2019, 2021, 2022, 2023)

e)    the moment of submission of the online registration form. In case of identical submission date regular participants will receive preferential treatment.

f)    All women will start with pink bib numbers and are free to choose their start block. Also participants of the category Gravel are free to choose their start block (except Elite and VIP). Athletes starting in another start block as the one assigned will be disqualified.


Starting time:

07.20 am        Start             ELITE, U23        WOMEN

07.30 am        Start             ELITE, U23         MEN + GROUP 1

07.40 am        Start                                          GROUP 2

07:50 am        Start                                          GROUP 3

08.00 am        Start            GRAVEL (only 60km and 85km)

08.10 am        Start            E-BIKE

13. Race numbers and issue of numbers

The different colours of the race numbers refer to the respective starting blocks and starting times. The race numbers handed out by the organizers must be attached to the bikes. It is prohibited to cut off or to cover the logos of the sponsors.

The starting number needs to be picked-up personally with an original valid ID (identity card, passport or driving license) and on handing over the voucher. No copies of ID’s or other ID’s allowed. A pickup from third parties is not accepted. The location for number pick-up is the Raiffeisen Kulturhaus in Niederdorf/Villabassa – opening times:

•    Thursday 11th July 2024: 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

•    Friday 12th July 2024: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

•    Saturday 13th July 2024: 6:00 am to 7:00 am


Check of membership cards and collection of start numbers for the Élite category and U23 men/women will take place at the Raiffeisen Kulturhaus in Niederdorf/Villabassa

Friday 11th July 2024 from 1 pm to 5 pm.



14. Time limit – deadlines

If a participant passes the gates after the fixed maximum times the overseer appointed will remove the start number. Exceptions will not be made for any reason whatsoever. Participants subject to such regulation may continue either by MTB but without the race number, or take the shuttles provided by the organisation. After the time limits a part of the signage will be removed.


Innichen/San Candido - KM 34    10:40 am

Kreuzbergpass/passo M.te Croce Comelico - KM 54    12:40 pm

Innichen/San Candido – 2nd pass - KM 74    01:40 pm

Toblach Bahnhof/Dobbiaco Railway Station - KM 84    02:45 pm

Aufstieg Plätzwiese/uphill Prato Piazza - KM 99    03:50 pm

Finish line Villabassa - KM 123    09:15 pm

15. Emergency Medical Service

A team of emergency doctors and paramedics of the “White Cross” ambulance service will be present. The closest hospitals are:

•    San Candido/Innichen hospital: 9 km Tel. (+39) 0474 917 111

•    Brunico/Bruneck hospital: 23 km Tel. (+39) 0474 581 111




1. Right and obligations of participants

With the submission of the online registration form participants declare to:

•    being in possession of a medical certificate according to the requirements of the ministerial decree dt. 18.02.1982. Please send the medical certificate within 30.06.24 to the following e-mail address:

•    be in possession of a valid liability insurance.

•    have read the present regulations.

•    give permission to make use of pictures and personal data.

•    The number and the chip, provided by the Organisation, has to be fixed to the handlebars in a clearly visible manner.

•    The number cannot be modified or changed in any way.

•    Bikers must wear a hard safety approved helmet which must be kept fastened throughout the race.

•    Road safety regulations must be respected throughout.

•    The participants stopped at the gates of any time limit are required to deliver their race number and chip to the person appointed for such purpose.

•    All bikers must carry with them a puncture kit.

•    Furthermore, all are required to keep with them an ID throughout the whole race.

•    It is strongly advised that bikers should carry with them a change of clothing and a cape to provide against inclement weather conditions.

•    Bikers are required to move aside to allow faster bikers to overtake. Extreme prudence is to be exercised in parts of the race with poor visibility.

•    Any stop for repairs must be made in a clearly visible area away from the main race route.

•    Participants who quit the race have to give such communication to the Organisation and hand the number back to the next security controller along the route.

•    No change of lane is allowed in the final approach to the finishing line and a violation of this stipulation will lead to the biker being disqualified.




2. Data protection and privacy

By sending the online registration form, the competitor must declare to have carefully read and unconditionally accepted the regulations of the SÜTIROL DOLOMITI SUPERBIKE 2023 as published on the website, in all its parts.

In relation to the information referred to in art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016, the competitor must declare that he or she has read the said information published on the website and that he or she has been informed that consent to its processing for the purposes indicated in art. 2) of the above information is mandatory’ by selecting the appropriate box on the registration form (for the purposes of processing personal data), and knowing that failure to consent to the processing of data for the purposes indicated in art. 2) of the information, will make it impossible to register for the activity in question.

With consent to the processing of personal data, the competitor expressly authorises the company that data can be transmitted and processed by third parties.

The data must be complete and legible, also for insurance purposes.

With the consent to the processing of their personal data the competitor expressly authorises the Company, so that its data be transmitted and processed by third parties that offer related services or services connected to the organisation, and as for example the delivery and or sending of gadgets purchased by the competitor, those for the purpose of timing, drawing up and announcing results and those for the purpose of photographing or filming the competitor.

For this purpose, please also carefully read the information provided by our partners:

- DATASPORT AG at this link

- SPORTOGRAF GmbH & Co. KG at this link


According to art. 4 of EU Regulation 679/2016, processing means "any operation or set of operations, performed with or without the aid of automated processes and applied to personal data or sets of personal data, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or modification, extraction, consultation, use, communication by transmission, dissemination or any other form of provision, comparison or interconnection, limitation, cancellation or destruction.


In relation to the lists of results and rankings, the publication of photos, videos, audio - and / or video recordings of any kind, the company will use the image of the athlete for internal and external use (various publications, sports films, electronically and on the company website As far as the images and/or video recordings are concerned, the athlete may appear alone or together with other subjects, in the course of initiatives promoted by and for the Company. The Company must be authorised by the competitor or its legal representative to the aforementioned treatment, which must be aware of the possibility of the right to revoke the treatment that may exercise, at any time, by written notice to be sent to ASD Südtirol Dolomiti Superbike, with registered office in via Rienza 31, 39039 Villabassa (BZ), Pec:; Email:



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